About Keauhou

Keauhou Canoe Club owns and maintains 17 canoes: 2 KOA OC-6, 15 Fiberglass OC-6, 1 Carbon Fiber "Unlimited" OC-6 and 1 Wooden OC-3.

There are seven different models or generations of fiberglass canoes at Keauhou: Hawaiian Racer, Kane-Benson, Force 5, Bradley, Mirage, Bradley Lightning, and Rosehill.   Each canoe is given a Hawaiian name that describes the character of the canoe. 


Practice sessions are conducted in fiberglass canoes.  Only koa canoes are used during the regatta races per MOKU requirements.  The long distance season has fiberglass, koa and Unlimited divisions.  We only race the koa at the Queen Liliuokalani race on Labor Day weekend.


All canoes, especially the koa canoes, are extremely costly to build and repair, and special care is given in transporting and racing them.