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About Keauhou

Keauhou Canoe Club is located at Keauhou Bay, whose name means "a new beginning". The club was founded in September 1980 as Honokōhau Canoe Club. The name was later changed in October 1980 to Kauikeaouli Canoe Club, named for the birthname of Kamehameha III who was born on the site. The final name change to Keauhou Canoe Club was voted on by the then officers of the club in December 1986 and formalized on 31 December 1987.


The bay has long been used as a site for sport and recreation, from the mile long holua leading down to Heʻeia Bay to the big water surf break off the cliffs to the north of the bay.

Club Name:  Keauhou.  Originally Honokōhau Canoe Club Sep - Oct 1980, Kauikeaouli Canoe Club 1980-86, Keauhou Canoe Club 1987 to present


Founding Officers and Directors:  Rex (Stan) Dzura, President; Jack Urbach, Vice President; Edward Azura  Treasurer; Pilipo Springer, Secretary; Mary Jane Kahanamoku, Race Coordinator; Frank "Skipper" Kent, Herb Kane, Kelly Greenwell, Jim Higgins, Dr. Edgar Hauntz, Louis K, Kahanamoku and Sam A. Kahanamoku, Directors.


Current active membership:  382 recreational members: Racing Program not decided  Over 2500 annual visitors and guests usuallyy experience outrigger canoe paddling and history at Keauhou Canoe Club.  Guest/Visitor Program suspended since March 13, 2020


Club site:  Keauhou Bay, Big Island.    


Club colors:  green, white, turquoise. 


Year Club Started:  1980