What happens if there is a positive COVID-19 finding at KCC?

Keauhou Canoe Club Prevention/Mitigation for a Positive COVID-19 Finding

Operations, contact tracing, and hygiene protocols were developed for the 7.13.20 KCC Re-Opening and remain the preliminary steps in prevention and mitigation of a positive COVID-19 finding.


  • Only current members of Keauhou Canoe Club with a 2020 Paddlesport waiver may paddle. No guests, relatives, visitors, or members of other canoe clubs will paddle nor will new memberships be approved until a future date.

  • Participation is voluntary. Out of state travelers who have not completed their 14 day quarantine as required by state law and individuals who are sick, exhibiting any symptoms, have been exposed to anyone who is ill or COVID-19 positive shall not be allowed to participate for 14 days from the date of exposure.

  • Paddlers MUST register on the Club’s website Event Calendar for each paddling session in which they wish to participate. No registration, no paddle.

  • M,W,F launch at 630 and T,Th launch at 800. Only one session daily to start.

  • There will be no large group meetings, snacks, or coffee before or after paddling.

  • Paddlers will scatter about the grounds in separated, loosely structured groups of 5 or 9 as they arrive. The Beach Coordinator will organize the paddling sessions to minimize multiple crews waiting to go on the water at the same time.

  • Paddling may occur only during times posted on the Club Event Calendar online. Special paddling times are not available at this time.

  • Members are expected to review the signage on the grounds, the Paddlesport waiver, and the COVID-19 affirmation statement at email registration.

Contact Tracing

  • Registration on Club’s Website Event calendar provides the database if tracking is necessary.

  • KCC will maintain the ongoing daily rosters of paddlers, coordinators, and any kokua crew who are at Keauhou Bay for 6 weeks. Our database contains the contact information for all members support a contact tracing request was initiated.


  • Read the signage upon entry to the grounds.

  • Mask when unable to maintain the recommended social distance or group size to the fullest extent possible. Masks are not required when exercising vigorously in canoe.

  • Bring your own wipes or gloves if you want to ensure common surfaces are sanitized to your personal satisfaction

  • Members should wash your hands often with soap and water for at least 20 seconds or use personal hand sanitizer

Mitigation following a positive COVID-19 test result

  • Beach Coordinators gather the daily Crew Assignment sheets and email record for the date(s) in question and notify the President/Board members. Proper verification of the information and confidentiality/privacy protections will be maintained.

  • President designates the KCC contact team to notify immediately the other members of the specific canoe via email and/or phone: maximum allowable information will be shared regarding session date and time, the recommended medical contacts with primary care providers, community resources for follow-up testing or other recommended actions. The designated KCC contact team will also notify all other paddlers who participated in the specific session(s) via email and/or phone.

  • The President or designee notifies, as appropriate, the Health Department, Kamehameha Schools, Alii Health, other agencies or authorities, and responds to the media inquiries. The President, or designee is the formal, outside media contact for the Club. Questions are directed to the “Contact Us” button at “www.keauhoucanoeclub.com.”

  • An informational newsletter announcement will be prepared for the KCC membership.

  • The Board will post warning an informational alert for the club and community members on the halau bulletin board.

Lockdown Procedure

  • The Board will decide the extent and range of the facility lockdown and usage of the halau area after evaluating the incident while seeking guidance from the local health and governmental authorities.

  • The Beach Coordinator will identify the cleaning team to do the sanitizing. The team will use the battery operated sprayer or a fogger for dispersing the Vital Oxide solution.

  • The cleaning team initiates immediate sanitizing of all commonly touched surfaces of the canoes and the common areas on the grounds. Use of PPE for the sanitizing personnel will occur as recommended. In addition to the canoes, sanitize any affected PFD’s, club paddles, hand washing stations, and the picnic tables ASAP.

  • The Club will be audited on a regular basis by local infection control specialists to evaluate our model and provide additional safety recommendations.

Keauhou Canoe Club Board


Update:October 2021. We had our first COVID positivity report since the previous policy was written 15 months ago. We closed the recreational program for 10 days and members took precautions. After 10 days and no community spread, we restarted paddling and continue the same precautions.