KCC Board News 9.10.21

Effective Monday 9.13 the KCC Board increased the group sizes back to a maximum of 50 per session. Paddlers will assemble and remain in groups of 10 or 6 depending on the number of steersmen. Pre-registration sign-up required. Masking during pre-launch and return to the beach are expected as well as social distancing when possible. Paddlers can assist other canoes especially during beach return if needed. If a session is short on steersmen, the Beach Coordinator will coordinate two 30 minute shifts if necessary to assure that all members get to paddle using a 10 minute break for sanitizing. Paddlers are asked to review the COVID-19 guidelines such as don’t come if symptoms, recent mainland trip, close contact with someone with COVID.

Immunizations to paddle discussed by Board.

The Board had a spirited vote and discussion on whether to require immunizations for new paddlers immediately and renewing paddlers in January, 2022. The motion did not pass.