About the Keauhou Canoe Club

Keauhou Canoe Club is located at Keauhou Bay, whose name means "a new beginning". Our club was originally founded in September 1980 as HonokĊhau Canoe Club. The name was later changed in October 1980 to Kauikeaouli Canoe Club, to honor the birthname of Kamehameha III.

Keauhou Bay has long been used as a site for sport and recreation, from the mile long holua leading down to the bay to the big water surf break off the cliffs to the north of the bay. We offer our community of members both recreational and competitive paddling opportunities, along with special getherings and volunteer programs.

We do not offer Visitor/Guest Paddling.  

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The mission of the Keauhou Canoe Club is to educate our youth, our membership, and the community at large about Hawaiian culture, values, and traditions and to promote competitive and recreational outrigger canoe paddling and other water sports in historic Keauhou Bay. Adopted by the Keauhou Canoe Board, October 2009