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IF YOU ARE AN EXISTING KEAUHOU MEMBER and/or have previously submitted an application for membership within the past few years, please login to the member's center in order to update or view your membership account, or pay for this year's membership dues.

To join our club, please read through both our Code of Conduct and our downloadable Safety Guidelines, and then complete the form below. Once registered you will be able to pay securely for your membership, book a paddle session and join our amazing paddling ohana.

Keauhou Canoe Club - Code of Conduct

Members of Keauhou Canoe Club shall conduct themselves with Aloha in a respectful, non-abusive and non-abrasive manner, in all interactions with all members of the paddling community; including coaches, race officials and the general community at large as one 'ohana.

Keauhou Canoe Club Members shall observe all HCRA and MOKU race rules as well as the laws of the County, State of Hawai'i and Nation. Violations of the Code of Conduct may result in disciplinary action. The Board may discipline any member for conduct determined by a majority of the then current members of the Board to be detrimental to the Club.

Disciplinary action may include written reprimand or censure, or in the case of serious or repeated detrimental conduct, disciplinary action may include suspension, termination of membership or expulsion of the member.


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