About Rec Paddling

Recreational Paddling - About Rec Paddling


We want each of you to experience the Keauhou Canoe Club spirit of Aloha and beautiful Hawaii.  We stress safety, enjoyment on the water, paddling for physical exercise, learning about Hawaiian culture and traditions, and the many special qualities about our place at historic Keauhou Bay.

We offer recreational paddling for registered members Monday through Saturday mornings twelve months a year.  Participants include adult men and women of all ages and physical condition.  Each participant must be able to swim, be capable of engaging in moderate exercise and be able to get in and out of the canoe without assistance. Recreational paddling is a low-impact aerobic exercise.  Paddlers are taught that each person controls the amount of effort applied and can therefore pace themselves according to individual needs and desires.   Some of the activities include:

  • Learn basic outrigger paddling stroke and commands used in paddling
  • Assist in launching canoes into the water as a team
  • Paddling as a team
  • Learn about Hawaiian culture
  • Assist in returning the canoes to shore as a team
  • Volunteering in community-based events

Safety is of utmost priority in and out of the canoe.  While most of the year HawaiĘ»i has beautiful weather there are occasions where ocean conditions or weather may hamper or prohibit recreational paddling.  

Mahalo for joining us at Keauhou Canoe Club!