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About Keauhou - Our Canoes

Keauhou Canoe Club owns and maintains 22 canoes: 2 KOA OC-6, 16 Fiberglass OC-6, 3 carbon fiber Unlimited OC-6 and 1 Cedar OC-3. One retired fiberglass canoe is now used as our buffet table.

There are seven different models or generations of fiberglass canoes at Keauhou: Hawaiian Racer, Kane-Benson, Force 5, Bradley, Mirage, Bradley Lightning and Rosehill. Each canoe is given a Hawaiian name that describes the character of the canoe.

Practice sessions and recreational paddling are conducted in fiberglass canoes. Only koa canoes are used during the regatta races per MOKU requirements. The long distance season has fiberglass, koa and Unlimited divisions.

All canoes, especially the koa canoes, are extremely costly to build and repair. Special care is given in transporting and racing them.

Name Translation Make Acquired #
Makani Kai  Sea Wind  Koa  2000  58 
Lele Waʻa  Flying Canoe  Koa  1985  58A 
Kaulana Kai  Famous Sea (our first canoe)  Hawaiian Racer  1980  H 1/2 
Kahanamoku  Named for founder Louis Kahanamoku  Kane-Benson  1985  H-1 
ʻImilani  Seeker of Heaven  Hawaiian Racer    H-2 
Keauhou Kai  Keauhou Sea  Hawaiian Racer    H-3 
Maʻihi  Dwarf (name of bay to the south)  Force V    H-5 

Kamaliʻi Kai  Children of the Sea  Bradley    H-7 
Malia Kini  Mary Jane (Wife of Louis Kahanamoku)  Mirage    H-8 
Konawaena  Named for Konawaena School  Mirage  2004  H-10 
Kai Puʻeone  Sand-dune sea  Mirage  2004  H-11 
ʻIolana  Soaring Hawk  Bradley Lightning  2011  H-12 
Aukuʻu  Black Crowned Night Heron  Bradley Lightning  2012  H-13 
E Ala E  Arise/Awaken  Rosehill  2014  H-14 
KaiʻIliʻili Nehe Rustling sea pebbles  Bradley Lightning  2015  H-15 
Nanamua  Castor  Rosehill  2019  H-16 
Nanahope  Pollux  Rosehill  2019  H-17 
HīhīmanuSpotted Eagle RayPuakea Mālolo Unlimited2017X8
Hau o Māʻihi
One of eight Kona winds
Tiger Unlimited

Neubert, Northwest Cedar


Cared for by the moon (Southern Cross)Matahina Unlimited2023X8B